Posted by: Goldis | February 3, 2008


Hi everyone,

I thought this might be a good place for updates and important information.

– A few notes about the midterm: it will consist of mainly short answer questions, and may include some multiple choice. These questions will be based primarily on what has been presented in class, and the papers that have been provided for discussion but haven’t explicitly been reviewed in class. A number of these will be questions generated by the class. You will receive a list of approximately half of these questions generated by the class a week prior to the midterm, and may prepare for them. Some of these questions will end up on the midterm. We’ll be going over this in greater detail in class on Monday.
– I’ll be putting your marks to date together over reading break, and providing those for you on the day of the midterm.
– I’ll also post all the quiz questions & answers early on over reading break so that you’ll have them as study tools.

That’s all for now 🙂



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